Still Photography and Film

Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1979, I grew up in Linköping. Now, I live in Norrköping, but I like to keep moving.

I have been running Van Pelt Foto since 2011. Although photography is essential, I have come to view my company in a wider communicative context where photography, illustration, design and text are entwined.

I was given my first camera at age five. It was a peculiar device that lacked both view finder and focus. More than anything, it resembled a spy camera, a fact that did nothing to lessen its appeal. As time has gone by, my interests have multiplied, concurrently with my studies, and today I want to work with all manner of Visual Communication.



Canon 5D Mark II

Canon F1N

Nikon F3

Konica C43

Zeiss Ikon