What's Going On

I do not have much time to spare, but as is often the case, I keep adding things to my agenda.

Firstly, I have begun working for Zoo Digital, translating and subtitling film and television. It is interesting work, although the quality of viewing is motley. To say the least.

Secondly, I have moved into a big house which requires gardening skills (which I'm trying to acquire) and a lot more time for tidying and so forth. Good thing is I now have a proper working space in the cellar.

Thirdly, I now have a producer interested in two of my film projects and I'm trying to work closely with him in procuring funds for research and script development.

And lastly, I have begun working on a book of photographs...

As far as the PhD goes, I'm getting closer and closer to solemnly saying, 'Fuck Academia'.