Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

So what to do in limbo? What to do with all this new-found time? An excellent Dante-esque question! I have been trying to work more with my photography and design through the web-based company Redbubble. You know, one of these companies that offer independent artists an opportunity to sell their designs without having to deal with taxes, printing, shipping et cetera. It is a rather good deal, if you ask me.

Click the button above to have a look. I will keep adding ideas, some thought through, others not. Like everything else, it is a stream-of-conciousness sort of thing.

Apart from selected photographic prints, there are textual matters. Most sardonic, or ironic, or parodical. Most negative, albeit with a humorous twinkle. Such as:

Or this one, if you are feeling a bit more risqué...