No Time Like the Present (Blog)

This blog started out as a PhD blog.

At the moment, I will just call it a 'blog'.

Since July, 2016, I have been on what one might call an 'academic hiatus'. Being a doctorate candidate in London, while living and teaching part-time in Sweden, and being a parent, finally took its toll on me. I felt, in lieu of a better word, homeless. I had a home, but I rarely felt present; I had a home institution, but I was rarely there; and I had a part-time job teaching, but my mind was not really there.

Time off and just part-time work has enabled me to recuperate and given me new strength. Unfortunately (mostly in regard to my future CV), I do not think I will be able to return to King's College London, what used to be my school, and therefore I have begun new PhD candidate applications, much much closer to home.

So in other words, this blog post is written from the place which is known as in limbo. At my age, I am supposed to be all orderly and have most things figured out. But I have always been a seeker, an adventurer of sorts, and a small part of me enjoys this uncertainty. 

My wish is however, as always, to move into a way of life where my zest for writing and research can somehow be combined with my ever-growing love of photography.