Field Notes

When I started this blog, I wanted it to be field notes. I wanted to publish thoughts and ideas publicly for others to read. And, more importantly, for me to read. Too often, one forgets to actually read one's own texts.

However, my first year as PhD student at King's College London has been extremely difficult. On one level, it has to do with balancing studies with family life and extracurricular work (teaching at a local high school) to put food on the table, at least once in a while. On another level, it has been my project itself which has been difficult to pin down, narrow down, and get down to. Luckily I feel that my last session with my wonderful! supervisors solved many of these problems, and once again I feel positive and excited. My work at the high school is almost over, and I'm looking forward to spending the summer with my family and my books. This fall, we have planned a three-month research trip to Australia.

Therefore I hope that this blog will become what I initially wanted: field notes and ideas, a brief update on my progress. Even though I have a distinct feeling that I am one of very few readers, I will try to update it from time to time in order to be able to go back and actually 'read myself'.