Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1979, I grew up in Linköping a couple of hours south of there. At the moment, I live in Norrköping with my wife and children and our trusty dog. We live in a house, but we like to keep moving. Always.

The images on this site show scenes from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the former Yugoslavia, Russia, England, France, Germany, Portugal, Singapore and Australia.



I have been running Van Pelt Foto since 2011, when I was studying for my MA in Culture and Media Production. Although photography is essential, I have come to view my company in a wider communicative context in which photography, illustration, design, translation and writing are all entwined.

I was given my first camera at age five. It was a peculiar device that lacked both view finder and focus. More than anything, it resembled a spy camera, a fact that did nothing to lessen its appeal.

First Image

Dubrovnik, circa 1986


As time has gone by, my interests have multiplied, concurrently with my studies, and today I seek to work with all manner of Visual Communication.

In September 2014 I started as a PhD student at King's College London, the department for Culture, Media and Creative Industries. My thesis was a transmedial study within the realm of Memory Studies. I left the department prematurely in late 2016 as the commute between Sweden and the UK began taking a toll on my family. Nowadays I focus on being a language teacher, photographer and translator while staying close to my children.

I believe my dream assignment would be as ‘Research Photographer’. Being somewhat accustomed to academia (having been a PhD student), I long to be part of a broader research project which I would document photographically. So much research is in want of images; much more so than researchers realise. In my humble opinion.

I have experience of photographing ongoing research: mining v. protest in northern Sweden and Australia; and anthropological studies in Russia concerning the searching and excavation of lost soldiers on the battlefields of World War II in the Leningrad (now St Petersburg) area. But I would like to engage in more projects, particularly those combining an anthropological and/or documentary sensibility in its visual communication. 




Communication Services

I provide photographic services for both private and corporate clients. In the past, I have worked with a wide variety of companies, institutions and individuals.

For many years, I have worked as a translator (English–Swedish or Swedish–English) and currently accept both short-term and long-term projects. In July, 2017, I began working almost exclusively with Zoo Digital. However, I am still accepting other translation assignments.

In addition, I am an experienced Swedish teacher (language and literature). I have also been involved in various language courses for individuals, public officials and corporations. Among the courses I have held are English for Business Professionals, Swedish for Foreign-Born Researchers (a collaboration with Linköping University), Swedish for Asylum Seekers and Swedish for Interpreters.

I am currently Head Teacher responsible for Swedish for Medical Professionals in the county of Östergötland at Folkuniversitetet. We teach doctors, surgeons, dentists, nurses etc. employed by the regional public healthcare provider Swedish in order for them to acquire a Swedish medical license.

I also offer private lessons for those looking to improve their Swedish or English. In other words, I can provide a vast variety of services as a language consultant, coach or teacher.


Kulturama, Stockholm

Film Program, 1999–2000

BA, Linköping University

History (Major), Swedish (Literature and Language), Theoretical Philosophy, Pedagogy, 2005–2010

MA, Linköping University

Culture and Media Production, 2010–2012

Working With the Real, Linköping University

Documentary Film Program, 2011–2013

PGR Program, King's College London                                    

Culture, Media and Creative Industries, 2014–2016.


Torell, David (2015) "Remember the Russell Tribunal?" in Reading, Anna & Katriel, Tamar (eds.) Cultural Memories of Nonviolent Struggles: Powerful Times, London: Palgrave Macmillan.