What's Going On

I do not have much time to spare, but as is often the case, I keep adding things to my agenda.

Firstly, I have begun working for Zoo Digital, translating and subtitling film and television. It is interesting work, although the quality of viewing is motley. To say the least.

Secondly, I have moved into a big house which requires gardening skills (which I'm trying to acquire) and a lot more time for tidying and so forth. Good thing is I now have a proper working space in the cellar.

Thirdly, I now have a producer interested in two of my film projects and I'm trying to work closely with him in procuring funds for research and script development.

And lastly, I have begun working on a book of photographs...

As far as the PhD goes, I'm getting closer and closer to solemnly saying, 'Fuck Academia'. 

No Time Like the Present (Blog)

This blog started out as a PhD blog.

At the moment, I will just call it a 'blog'.

Since July, 2016, I have been on what one might call an 'academic hiatus'. Being a doctorate candidate in London, while living and teaching part-time in Sweden, and being a parent, finally took its toll on me. I felt, in lieu of a better word, homeless. I had a home, but I rarely felt present; I had a home institution, but I was rarely there; and I had a part-time job teaching, but my mind was not really there.

Time off and just part-time work has enabled me to recuperate and given me new strength. Unfortunately (mostly in regard to my future CV), I do not think I will be able to return to King's College London, what used to be my school, and therefore I have begun new PhD candidate applications, much much closer to home.

So in other words, this blog post is written from the place which is known as in limbo. At my age, I am supposed to be all orderly and have most things figured out. But I have always been a seeker, an adventurer of sorts, and a small part of me enjoys this uncertainty. 

My wish is however, as always, to move into a way of life where my zest for writing and research can somehow be combined with my ever-growing love of photography.


Field Notes

When I started this blog, I wanted it to be field notes. I wanted to publish thoughts and ideas publicly for others to read. And, more importantly, for me to read. Too often, one forgets to actually read one's own texts.

However, my first year as PhD student at King's College London has been extremely difficult. On one level, it has to do with balancing studies with family life and extracurricular work (teaching at a local high school) to put food on the table, at least once in a while. On another level, it has been my project itself which has been difficult to pin down, narrow down, and get down to. Luckily I feel that my last session with my wonderful! supervisors solved many of these problems, and once again I feel positive and excited. My work at the high school is almost over, and I'm looking forward to spending the summer with my family and my books. This fall, we have planned a three-month research trip to Australia.

Therefore I hope that this blog will become what I initially wanted: field notes and ideas, a brief update on my progress. Even though I have a distinct feeling that I am one of very few readers, I will try to update it from time to time in order to be able to go back and actually 'read myself'.